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Greeneration Foundation (GF) is an NGO focusing on utilizing adaptive creative media in changing human behavior to implement Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Indonesia. GF activities involve engaging with government, environmentally-focused organizations and communities, while also connecting to the broader community – ranging from individual, children, professionals to housewives.

GF initiated www.BebasSampah.id, a national online platform that helps stakeholders realizing a Zero Waste Indonesia, and also EcoRanger, a program providing training for rangers from local communities to encourage eco-friendly behavior in prioritized tourist destinations across Indonesia.


We recognize that the environmental problems caused by human behavior and human nature.

Green Attitude; consumption activity and waste production. Green Environment; conservation and rehabilitation.


In order to realize a great vision. It requires an inclusive, facilitated, communication through available technology. As ICT has become an important aspect of daily activities, many mass cooperative have been produced through ICT and therefore, we utilize ICT as a platform for the needed collaboration in the society. We have observed that environmental issues are caused by human daily habits and behaviours.


Is the main collective target which requires missions statements from each sector of industrial processes. To support the world in actualizing MDGs and SDGs we believe that these target can be achieved with the help of ICT.


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