Personal Protective Equipment and Food Supply for Waste Pickers and Waste Management Operators in Indonesia

Day by day, the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia continues to devastate local communities across the archipelago. The number of confirmed cases and deaths has continued to rise rapidly . Widespread social restrictions have been implemented in many cities across the country. #WorkFromHome has been a somewhat effective solution for some employees; however, not all work can be done from home. Waste pickers and waste management operators, for example, need to continue working on the ground to support their families. They need to earn a living by collecting waste from the landfill of garbage dumps to sell to recycling companies for income.

Garbage/rubbish dumps, the place in which they make a living,  are certainly not safe places amid this pandemic. Infectious waste such as used masks and syringes are now a common sight in the landfill due to inadequate waste management. Moreover, waste pickers and waste management operators have no choice other than to keep working there without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). They are thereby at risk of becoming infected with Covid-19 due to the contaminated waste. Therefore, there is a desperate need for more PPE to protect these workers during this outbreak. Furthermore, their income has also significantly declined due to the lockdown and resulting downturn in economic activity given that many recycling companies have shut down their operations. Consequently, a steady food supply for waste pickers and waste management operators is also urgently needed.

We have collaborated with our partner in Australia to raise money for waste pickers and waste management operators across Indonesia through Go Fund Me Crowdfunding Page. The aim is to keep them and their families, as well as the community at large, safe and healthy during the course of the pandemic. The funds raised will be used to provide the following resources to the workers:

– Face masks
– Soap
– Hand sanitizer
– Gloves
– Food relief packages

All proceeds will go exclusively and directly to Greeneration Foundation for this initiative.

Greeneration Foundation has collaborated with Waste4Change,, and 77 other environmental organizations in Indonesia to raise money to support waste pickers and waste management operators throughout the country. On May 1, 2020, our fundraising program entered its second phase after having previously been successfully distributed to 761 beneficiaries in 15 areas across Indonesia . At present, our fundraising program is continuing to the second phase with the target of assisting 2000 waste pickers and waste management operators across 21 districts/cities in 26 distribution areas.

Please share this campaign and support us to help more waste pickers and waste management operators in Indonesia stay safe from the risk of contracting and spreading Covid-19 by donating your money through:

You can find more information about this campaign including specific details on our social media.

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